"KickOff in the Sky - Bring freedom to Football!" is available on the App Store and Google Play.

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Just a casual movement of a finger to play football at will
With the touch of a finger, skillfully control alternative robots and compete in tournaments on various continents to advance to the Interplanetary Championship!

Next-gen control with the touch of a finger

"The Arrowtail Control", developed originally, allows you to play football by simply moving a finger in the desired direction and flicking it in the desired direction. It's the only way to perform a wide variety of techniques including header, sliding, heel, throw-in, volley and more.

Unleash your spirit of football
Plenty of features to expose your creativity, such as the Tactics Editor, which allows you to freely place players without any restrictions.

  • 100+ National Teams
  • Various cups and leagues including World, Euro, America, Asia, and more
  • Training sessions
  • Mini PK shootout game
  • Optional auto-run mode, easiest-going football!
  • Stress-free and universal UI design for all
  • Fascinating worlds to stir your imagination
    To be an interplanetary champion

    The era in this game saw the rise of alternative football, which is played by remote control from a mobile device at hand. With the ability to control the game with the touch of a finger, a wide range of people regardless of age, gender, or physical characteristics participated in the game, and as in the past, national teams were formed and competed to become the world champion.

    The remote and flexible nature of the controls allowed the sport to spread to other planets as well as, if not better than, Earth. As a result, the real goal of this era's footballers was not to become the world champion, but to represent each planet in the Planetary Cup and become the planetary champion. However, the competition was even more challenging as the robots from each planet have a different look and characteristics to those on Earth...



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